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I was down with the wedding from Ohio. We had a wonderful time...Thanks

February 20 2008 (264) e

Michele Bricker

Hey Bil!! Been a long time, let's catch up soon. Live in N.C now!!!

January 24 2008 (263) e

kathy kennedy

We saw your show this past week in Key West. I haven't laughed so hard in so long. It was a greaaaat show!!! Thanks for sharing a good time for all.

January 20 2008 (262) e

Bob from Portsmouth

Great show! We will see you at the staff party for sure

January 18 2008 (261) e

John Vachna

It was hard for me to find the Sign The Guestbook link but I am probably still drunk. Thanks again for the great show at Kevin's in Key West on the 1st. Great show!!! See Bil early if you are going so you can get it seat it got pretty packed towards the end because he is that good. Hope you have a successful 2008

January 2 2008 (260) e


Wow... This will be a blast from the past. You played the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island 1989 I think. I was the bartender with the grey hair. Bought your CD "Half the World Away", probably one of the very first copies. (I think I was the only person who did buy it. Thier loss) You didn't have CD covers made up yet so gave me a cassette cover. I also bought a tape of "Forgive and Forget."

Still have them.

Glad to see that you are still going strong. Will be in Myrtle During Bike Week in May. Hope to see you there.


December 26 2007 (259) e


hows it goin bil! u prolly dont remember me but i was one of the marines at the 4th of july show in myrtle beach. sorry it took me so long to get in touch with u but they keep us pretty busy u know, anyhow we get back stateside in may and hopefully we'll get to catch another show. keep on rockin in baby! oohrahh!!!

December 4 2007 (188) e


I just wanted to say thank u again for another fantastic w/end at eastover. wish it didn,t have to go so fast. I love every minute i am there. BIG HUGS To u& Elizabeth. All my best LUV barb& Chris

November 28 2007 (184) e

Bill Camp

Greetings from " THE HAUSS OF KRAUSS" gang. Most energetic entertainer from Key West to Portland, Maine; or Portland, Oregon, for that matter.

November 28 2007 (183) e


hi bil.
thanks for an amazing weekend at eastover. it was great to get away, see familiar faces and meet some new folks. be careful, alisha and i may take you up on that key west offer!! with much love, dana

November 26 2007 (181) e

David Cable from Charlotte, NC

I have known Bil Krauss for 20 years. I have seen him perform in more venues than I can even count. Bil is my all-time favorite performer. Bil Krauss never disappoints. His original music is award-winning. The only thing I enjoy more than attending a Krauss event full of fans is watch the multi-talented Krauss gather new fans. I highly recommend seeing Bil Krauss perform if you can. You, too, will be a fan.

November 24 2007 (178) e

Julie Page from Massachussetts

Thanks again Bil for a great Staff Party. I look forward to it every year, especially the Midnight Mayhem. To the usual band of heroes from Midnight Mayhem Crew, to you I say well done and rest for next year. To some of the new people I say welcome and remember it's a marathon, not a sprint (Yes Luke, I’m talking to you). Special Greetings to 'Judy the Dancing Diva!', 'Erik and Lina' (Lina we have to see the Moo Repertoire on Friday night next year), 'New Guy Brent' (last 9 standing on Saturday night), 'Marilyn and her Boy Toy Jim', ‘Camille the Stable Girl’, and Dave the Sound Dude. Thanks again to Rev Tor, Mr. Wade & Friends, and the amazing Johnny Banks and his drums. My love to all!!! Looking forward to more years to come. ;-) JP

November 21 2007 (176) e


I am a little disappointed there is no mention of SUNY Albany in the bio! I can't believe you are celebrating 20 years!

November 20 2007 (175) e

Tim Worrall

I used to see you perform in Binghamton about 18 years ago. I followed
around Lars Issa and Chris Whalen (I was the tall blond guy). I'm sure you
don't remember.
Anyway, I was listening to one of you tapes and I had to see if you were
still performing. I searched the net and found you website. It's great to
see you are still doing what you love to do.
I hope to see you in Myrtle Beach when I head our there with my family next summer!!

November 17 2007 (174) e

Bobbie Todd

Hi, Bill. Thank you for your show at Bistro 17. Our grandchildren had a ball. Carlee, the 9 year old who was feeding you french fries, had tears in her eyes when we had to leave. Thank you for making her feel special. God bless you for bringing joy to people's lives. No matter what kind of problems people may be having, they can forget about them for a little while when they are in your presence. Keep up the good work!!

October 19 2007 (171) e


Bil thanks for a great time once again, four years in a row we have come to see you!

October 14 2007 (163) e

Ray from Kentucky

Bil you are something else! Thank you!

October 14 2007 (162) e

The Welsh Guy

Bil, you are a legend.

Superb night at the Red Parrot, Myrtle Beach, thanks to you :-D

Look forward to another duet down the line.


Mr S. Hardcastle

October 13 2007 (128) e

Marc Burdick

WOW! I am so glad we reconnected! Please please come to California this winter!!!

October 9 2007 (93) e


Loved your show at the Dead Dog!

October 5 2007 (64) e


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