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Maryann Hogan

Hey, Bill
wanted to say how much fun our family had with you at the Dead Dog Salon. we have seen you a couple of times there and everytime is a blast. thank you for the info on Eastover Inn, I am going to try to get a group to come up. your a joy.
Maryann / from the boston gang, also associated with the bling sisters from boston. we were there on Sept23.

October 1 2008 (530) e

Kevin and Lisa - Weirton, WV (The West Virginias)

Hi Bill, Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed both shows at the Red Parrot in Myrtle Beach. As long as you are playing there, we will keep coming back. Looking forward to the party. P.S. Kevin wants to know if you want to borrow his "table cloth" shorts.

October 1 2008 (529) e

Lisa and Kevin McConnell

Thanks for the information. Kevin and I really enjoyed both shows. We are hoping that we can get to your party - It sounds like a great time. Thanks again for the entertainment and the conversation. Take care and Good luck on your next "gig". Keep in touch with us. Don't forget, we want you to play at our son's graduation.
Thanks again,
Lisa McConnell (West Virginia)

October 1 2008 (528) e

green shirt guy

thank you for the music and laughter. saw you at dead dog's and laughed till it are as inspiring as you are talented.
david and tammy

September 30 2008 (526) e

Cheryl from Sewaken, NJ

Hey Bill. Cheryl here. Met you in Key West. Had a blast at Irish Kevins. We were with the group with Munson, don't know if you remember. Keep reeling them in.

September 29 2008 (515) e

Don Mares from Columbus, OH

Still recovering from having a rubber chicken taped to my head at Dead Dog Murrells Inlet...glad my wife didn't get a good photo. Long live Rocky Raccoon!

September 29 2008 (514) e


Great site .... I want to ask you how do you make the site??? Have your teacher helped ypu to do someting?? This site is so good for me.... If I can make one just like yours,I will become....

September 11 2008 (315) e


Hey Bill, have been going to your shows around Pawley's Island and Litchfield for years now. I insisted that my friends catch a show at Buzz's and they loved you.
You are the best. Can't wait to see you soon in Litchfield.
Esther and Joe

September 10 2008 (313) e

Marie from Ft Myers


This is the silver bullet lady, (with the silver shorts). How come you do not book at the holiday inn on fort myers beach or any other places along there. I go there often. They have a great crowd and I know they would love you there. They always seem to be looking for different types of entertainment and they usually fill the tiki bar, pool area and beach. Just a suggestion, I think your show was great AWESOME entertainer.

Thanks for a great nite.


PS My sister in law ran around with the chicken on her head Kim (KJ)

September 7 2008 (309) e

Wendy from Pawleys Island, SC

Great fun and entertainment last night at Dead Dog Saloon. We have just moved to the area and look forward to seeing and hearing you frequently!


September 3 2008 (306) e

Linda from Chester, VT

Hi Bil,

We very much enjoyed your show last night. Shirley and Laverne say hello.

We are spending a few weeks here in Garden City and hope to return to the
Dead Dog Saloon next tuesday.

See you then,

George and Linda, Bruce, Ron and Sandy

September 3 2008 (305) e


Hey Bill - When do you start your gig this year in Key West? Looking forward to Friday morning fun @ Kevin's

September 2 2008 (302) e

John & Meshelle from Youngstown, OH

Hey Bill
Remember us? We are the couple that got married on the cruise and met you in Key West! That was the best time we all ever had! We are trying to get a group together and come to the New England Party in November. So far we have about 6 or 8 coming but sure that there will be more. Oh and by then I will have our first son! knocked up real was a fun time...told ya so! ha ha But that is what we wanted. ...not getting any younger ya know. Anyways hope to hear from you soon. We'll keep in touch. Take care. Sorry we missed you in the Carolinas. We were coming down for the 4th but just closed on our house and wanted to get a jump start on it and move in. Talk to you soon
Meshelle and John Navarro

August 30 2008 (299) e


We were the girls at the bar who wouldn't hug the boys on the monday night show august 18th.. if that helps put a face to this e-mail. But you were FANTASTIC! we had SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! we laughed a lot! you just added to the great vacation my friend and I had. We enjoyed the show so much, every part of it! I have NO idea if you would even come to pennsylvania and play at a penn state branch campus, but i gave them your name i told them to look into it because it was absolutely worth it and incredibly enjoyable! thanks!!! we're heading back to Myrtle beach again at the same hotel next august we hope to see you there again!!
keep on making people laugh and smile!

-Kelly and Amy

August 28 2008 (297) e

Mike and Donna from Ohio

We did have a blast with you at the Dead Dog.We will be returning in July 2009,but we would also like to know when and if you'll be playing Puy in Bay,Ohio again.We would definitely be there if you do.Keep sending the news letters,see ya soon.

Mike and Donna

August 28 2008 (296) e

Gary from Michigan

Gary from MICHIGAN (GO BLUE!!!!) got your email, thanks for making our stay in Myrtle Beach fun and laughable (is that a word?) Next time bring more tape!
Let us know if your ever in Michigan (whatever would make you come here?!)
Loved your show!

August 26 2008 (291) e

Brooke Ann Miller


Sorry John and I missed you at the Compass Cove this year. Can't wait to see you at the annual party!!!

August 19 2008 (290) e

John Phillips

Sorry sorry I missed you this year Bill. See you at the Annual Party!!

Your Biggest Fan

August 19 2008 (289) e

Dean from Sebring, OH

Thanks for making my birthday end kind of funny. I had a good time. That wasn't the best birthday I had but when I went to get a quick bite, I stayed for another hour. It was really fun.

Thanks Alot SEE YA!!!

July 7 2008 (287) e

Sandy & David from San Antonio

What an entertainer you are! My Mother who lives in SC, still talks about you and your show. Amazing personality to bring into your show & energy

Stand up history? You are very good

You must look at almost everything, as a possible prop or addition to your show, quite an imagination. Also would wager you can entertain yourself indefinitely.

Best Regards,

Sandy and David

July 4 2008 (286) e


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