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Michele and Kevin Kelsey

Hi Bil!! Just to let you know, Kevin and I will be in Key West March 12-18 - can't wait to see you again FINALLY!!

February 9 2009 (697) e


Hey Bil. Your sparticus buddy from we will be at the beach june 27. we plan to come party with you wed. or thurs.Can't wait to have a beer with you in my sparticus helmet. See you then.

February 9 2009 (686) e

Karen Jantz / Warwick, NY

We had an awesome time at Irish Kevins...the entertainment kept us there and partying all day. What is truly amazing is that when you announced that you play in Lenox Mass we were in awe. I have vacationed there for the last 30 years...And I am only 37 years old...We were wondering if we could combine a trip to our favorite resort with a weekend of fun with your show...It turns out that you are going to be at the same resort our family has partied at for the last 40 years. We normally do a summer trip but may try to change things...Is this trip booked through you or Eastover? We usually book about 35-40 people and take over the entire Ranch house and part of the Carolinian. Not sure if the whole group will change but we are seriously thinking of joining you. Will check your website to see if you have prices and more info. Thanks again for a great time.

PS.Can you tell me how much you charge for a four hour private show. We are in upstate New York...Actually about 2 1/2 hours from Eastover Resort. The party would be June 20th. Thanks.

February 8 2009 (685) e

ken and donna

i wanted to thank you for 8hr of playing time in key west my wife i sat with you the whole time was the best time i had in key west i just wanted to thank u i have pictures and vid showing all my friend love your cd also . would love to know if you ever come around my way we would come and spend time with you again . ken hill millington md

February 5 2009 (684) e

Keith and Kathleen

Doug deep in the old CD box this morning and pulled out CD we bought from you a number of years ago when you played Websters at Pawleys Island and got to wondering if you were still on tour . Was pleasantly surprised too see you are booked all month in KW . Ironically we now vacation there and look forward to seeing you play again !

February 2 2009 (683) e

Rick P.

Hey, Bill rocks! Irish Kevin's always has the best of the best and Bill even has his picture on the wall. Chicken on the fishing pole works. Keep up the GREAT job Bill. I look forward to seeing you and John Solinski next visit to KW. You guys have made Irish Kevin's my favorite place to hang-out.

January 29 2009 (682) e

Marianne Sickler

Wow, last week this time I was getting to Key West and had no idea how much fun I was going to have. This was my first cruise and EVERYONE who has asked and even if they didn't ask I had to say the same thing. I had more fun at Isish Kevin's with you then anything else on my cruise including Cosmel. We were the girls from Baltimore and my niece went to school with Darren and I told her to let him know that you were excellent. You filled that bar in no time and everyone had fun no matter the age or where they were from. We had one party that I will not forget. I truly enjoyed myself. Anyway I don't know how much you get paid but you deserve a raise and I told my niece Kim to tell Darren so. Keep up the good job and hopefully myself and alot more people that I have talked to will be in your company in the future. Stay cool. Marianne from Sykesville, Maryland

January 27 2009 (681) e

Matt Avery Entertainer at Key West's Famous Big 'uns

Billy...ALWAYS great to have your energy in this town...I know I sound like a broken record, but your genuine-ness is a rare thing, not just in K.W., but in the world et al. I was telling my friend who was with me the day i flitted in (howdya like that gay word?...flitted) that you are a well grounded individual, and thus the success, thanks to the "secret" well and HOPE to have lunch with ya before you's the perpetual lunch date all us musicians plan on making, but because of conflicting work/sleep schedules, rarely do! LOL...Matt

January 23 2009 (680) e

Bob Evans / Nautica Watches - VP Creative Services

Bill unfortunately I have returned from Key West and man is it cold – I love snow but wouldn’t have minded staying just a little longer. What can I say but thanks, we all had a blast – after we left you at the booth and Mr. Jones was put to bed(wow!) Gavin and I had some great food and another stellar night out with the crew. I can’t understand how I was still walking after being with those two professionals.

It’s funny I open this email and just started laughing – this am as I was rolling through the dredges of my commute here in CT – I finally had the opportunity to listen to your cds and the first one I put in had the song about being stuck behind an RV on route 7 – and I started laughing because I was behind a bus on route 7 with no passing lane, etc... And then I said hmm wonder what route 7 he is referring to and them thought well maybe with his ties to the northeast and them you jump to route 22 and man I was cracking up – those are my two lifelines to Vermont from where I am (Danbury) right be tween them both and spent many crazy hours with the boys on road trips to Killington and brought back some great memories and one where I was stuck behind a snowplow on 22 for over 3 hours doing like 20 in a blizzard with a cold budweiser between my legs and nobody on the road at 1 am........
Damn thanks for the memories – we need to stay in touch!

Norwalk, CT

January 23 2009 (679) e

Jennifer and Jenna / Sarasota, FL

Hey Bil,

We are back in Sarasota now and just read your e-mail. We had a great time in Key West but most of the fun was at Irish Kevin's when you were on stage! We had never experienced getting pulled into a bar by a rubber chicken on a fishing rod.. you put on quite the show! We really hope to see your show in Mass. in November if we make it up that way. Hard telling right now but I'm sure it would be a blast. Thanks so much for making us feel welcome, we can't wait to go back to Key West!!

Gwyneth and Paris (Jennifer and Jenna)

January 21 2009 (678) e

Danielle & Carl Nagle Winston-Salem, NC

YOU WERE A BLAST) Please do let us know showdates, etc. We were in Myrtle a few months back and we will be there in the Spring (and probably again in the Summer) Carl loved your carbon fiber guitar! Anyway, thanks for re-contacting us! Daniell and Carl Nagle

January 19 2009 (677) e

The Austrians

Hi Bil, we are the group, you met in Key West, you remember, from Boca Raton. Und dann auf einmal hast du deutsch gesprochen. Deine Show ist der absolute Wahnsinn, du bist super. Wir hoffen dich bald wieder einmal zu sehen. And maybe we will see us in our Old Vienna. We will talk about that. You are great. Claudia, Werner, Angelo, Waltraud, Erika and Willi. Happy new year.

January 10 2009 (676) e

Tony & Susan

Hi Bill, we're the couple from Adamstown. It was so nice to meet you and your wife. i like your website. we look foward to seeing your show in MB sometime.
Happy Holidays. Tony & Susan Elia

December 1 2008 (660) e


Hey Bil, that was the best party ever. The good thing is I remember everything. It was so great to see cousin Mark and Phillis. It's been years. Your show was great as usual. I want to thank my three boyfriends for being good sports. I even love Eric with the glowing ears. And then there were my two Mike's. they were great and gave us all plenty of laughs. By the way, can you give Mike Russo my e-mail address. I want to ask him something. Thanks again for the great time. Your party has become our family reunion spot. I love you a bunch. Cousin Annie

November 29 2008 (659) e

Warren Bee

My life will never be the same! What an amazing staff you have. God bless you Bil. What a lovely bride you have as well. I am already excited about next year. My sweetheart Sandy is excited about two things. First off she can't wait to stay with me in Davis B cottage next year and she also is in love with my new lamp! That baby really classes my pad.

I Love you, Elizabeth and the whole darn staff!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Warren Bee from Dublin

November 24 2008 (655) e

Auntie Barb

Bil, You did it again!
What a fantastic time we had and I love meeting new friends! Where else can you find good food, drink, fun, friends new and old, and the best music around. My love to you and Elizabeth. Now get some rest! love Auntie Barb

November 24 2008 (654) e

William A Wood

What a marvelous weekend!!!!
Everything about it was wonderful and we didn't want to leave the company of our great friends. Besides, where else can you go to breakfast and have live music performed by the fabulous Bobbi Lane!?!{Well, maybe her house}LOL
Thank you so much, I haven't laughed so hard and so long since last year's party. My face hurts from smiling.

November 24 2008 (653) e

George Kapp

Hi Bill,

Great to meet you at the Breakers last week! Thouroughly enjoyed the show. Will look you up in April when I return from the tundra of Pennsylvania.

November 13 2008 (651) e

Kevin Elmore of Columbia, SC

Thanks Bil!

I did hear your summons for me on Friday night for my favorite, "American
Pie". I was able to dial my daughter, a freshman at Winthrop, and we both
enjoyed listening to you together by cell phone. Thanks!

I know you get that request a lot, and I have listened to it a lot. Once
upon a time, when I was a wee cadet at The Citadel, we went to a local dive
called Dino's. If they played "American Pie" once, they most have played it
100,000 times. When I hear it now, I can still taste the pizza and beer in my
mouth from Dino's ... such a long time ago.

Music trivia ... the song "The Boys are Back In Town" was reportedly written
by a Citadel graduate, and you will hear Dino's mentioned in that song. Of
course the song alluded to the cadets be back in Charleston. Dino's has long
since be razed to make room for Wendy's, but those of us from the "Old
Corps" still remember hanging out at Dino's and singing along.

It was great to see you again, Friday night at Rockbridge.

Good luck in your upcoming marathon!


Kevin M. Elmore, CPCU, ARe

November 10 2008 (649) e

H.E. Comer & Lori Silkwood from Raleigh, NC

Thank you for sending your upcoming schedule. As it turns out, Ms. Silkwood and I will be down to see you at the Red Parrot next week. We couldn't pass up another opportunity to be entertained and abused at the same time. I will try and refrain from "participating" in your show, however, I do not promise 100% results on that front. We have both talked to many people about how entertaining you were and couldn't pass up another vacation just to come see you perform. We are also meeting some other people that we met last year and will ensure that they make it down to see your shows. So, see you next Wednesday and probably Thursday as well.

Take care and once again, thanks for the follow up email.

Best regards from Lori and H.E.

October 14 2008 (574) e


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